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Want to have a differentiated business in the market?

The vehicle leasing sector has been growing significantly with promising valuations.

On the other hand, it requires a lot of dedication, due to the great diversity of customers. Above all, a car rental company should be geared towards providing the best customer experience. With this in mind, Unidas has consolidated itself among the best-qualified rental companies.

Start an exclusive business model with an already tested and approved format. Unidas participates in all assistance to the franchisee, from the location of the property, approval of the construction and / or renovation project, to the indication of suppliers and equipment. That is, everything so that the store is within the brand's visual identity standard.

In addition, the franchisee will participate in a training program that will involve all stages of the process of a car rental company and will have, from the first day of operation, support for the management and operation of its business through the Field Consultants.


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The Unidas is among the Best Franchises in Brazil in 2017, with a 5-star evaluation, in a ranking organized by the magazine Small Businesses & Big Business, in the aspects of Network Quality, Network Performance and Franchisee Satisfaction.

- The RAC franchises segment won, in 2017, the Seal of Excellence in Franchising in the Master Category, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Franchising. And he also won the second place in the topic Environmental Sustainability.

- Also in 2017, she won the Modern Consumer Excellence Award in Customer Services, in the Car Locker category, becoming the only tenant to win three times: 2013, 2014 and 2017.

- The franchisees can buy or rent the cars directly from the United.

- Excellence services with high levels of customer satisfaction.

-  Analysis and adaptation of their business models at the time of the market.

- Valorization of the relationship of the United with its franchisees.

We look at our franchised features like:

  • Strong entrepreneurial profile;
  • Willingness to develop or own your own business;
  • Guidance for the sale of services (enchant the customer);
  • There is no need to know the car rental market;
  • Easy adaptation to compliance with rules, rules and procedures;
  • Constant self-assessment, because the franchisee is neither an employee nor a member of the franchising company;
  • Be proactive, confident, motivated and disciplined.

Business model

Own fleet

Full acquisition of the fleet, through its own resources, according to the franchisor's indication and discounts to the automaker regarding the vehicles that fit its portfolio.

Outsourced Fleet

The franchisee contracts, together with Unidas, the vehicles that want to compose their fleet, by paying a monthly fee, thus minimizing the initial investment and enabling rapid growth.

Mixed fleet

The franchisee decides to purchase part of the fleet and outsource to another party, being in his discretion to define the proportion of each type of hiring.

Count on Unidas to put another successful business on the market. Contact us and be a franchisee.


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