Alugue um carro

Can I return the car after the agreed time?

Yes. In addition to the stipulated time, you still have 1 hour of tolerance for returning the vehicle. After this period, you lose this time of tolerance and will be charged overtime up to 6 hours (1/6 on the contracted daily rate). After the extra 6 hours, you will be charged the amount of one night. 

Can I have the vehicle more days than I booked?

To do so, you must personally contact one of the Unidas Stores to confirm the availability of the leased vehicle, confirm the new period and sign a new statement of the agreement.

Se eu resolver devolver o carro antes do término do meu contrato de aluguel, o que acontece?

If you return the car before the leased period, the final value will be equivalent to the daily rates used from the moment of withdrawal until the actual date of return, respecting the conditions established in Commercial Agreements. The reversal of the surplus value will be done after the closing of the contract.

How should I proceed with fuel?

The Renter must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it received. If the return of this is made with a lower amount of fuel, the United will replenish the leased vehicle, and the Renter must accept the collection of fuel according to the United table, presented in the store. If the return is made with a quantity of fuel higher than that received, Unidas will not refund the surplus fuel.
We emphasize that for customers who seek greater convenience, we offer the service "Tank Full" that allows the car to be returned with an empty or partially full tank. Check the conditions of hiring and values ​​in the store.

My car stopped working.

Contact our 24-hour Service Center at 0800 772 0994 and follow the procedures provided.

I got caught up in a traffic accident or had my car stolen. What should I do?

Contact our 24-hour Service Center at 0800 772 0994 and follow the procedures provided. An Occurrence Report must be registered with the responsible agency within a maximum period of 6 hours and presented in a maximum of 24 hours at the Unidas store after the occurrence, otherwise the coverage of contracted risks will be lost.

In case of a traffic ticket, how to proceed?

Upon receiving a fine recorded during your rental period, Unidas will contact you and send you a notification by email. The payment of the fine is made on the credit card informed by the Customer.

How do I book a car?

There are three channels available to customers who rent as individuals, by the Central Reservation 24 hours on the telephone 0800 121 121 or by Chat Online. Your Travel Agency can also book for you if you prefer. At Unidas, you have more than 260 service points throughout Brazil in the main capitals and airports.

Do I need to make the reservation before picking up the car in the store or can I go straight to the store?

You can make your reservation in advance, which is more recommended as this will ensure that there will be availability of the desired car group. However, you can rent in person by going directly to your preferred store, if there are vehicles available on the spot. Check out the complete list of stores here. The withdrawal directly from the stores is subject to the availability of vehicles at the chosen location.

What do I need to rent and drive a Unidas car?

To rent a vehicle at Unidas, you must:

- Have and present a National Qualification Card (CNH) valid and issued in national territory;

or identity card (RG) with the CPF. The presentation of the original RG or CNH containing the CPF number does not require the presentation of the CPF. - Present a nominal credit card for the pre-authorization operation. It will not be accepted for this operation, prepaid or virtual card. In addition to having your information approved by Unidas.

To drive the leased vehicle:

- The original Driver's License must be presented, valid and issued in national territory. If the customer does not fulfill the required profile, he may indicate an additional driver. In this case, the client is aware and agrees that he should refrain from driving the leased vehicle and that he will assume all responsibility for the acts performed by the person indicated by him.

The rule for leasing vehicles to foreigners should be consulted at the pick-up shop.

A pre-authorization is required to rent the car. What does that mean?

The United will block a certain amount, depending on the vehicle group and selected protections, which will be used in case of a car breakdown or in cases of default. This is a standard security measure for car rentals and the safest form for both the lessor and the renter. The amount is automatically refunded as soon as the vehicle is returned. Consult the pre-authorization values ​​in the United tariff or in the store.

What forms of payment are available?

It is necessary to have a nominal credit card to carry out the pre-authorization transaction. We do not accept prepaid card or Hipercard banner for this procedure. Already the value of the lease can be paid in cash, credit card or debit card. Payment must be made at the store, at the time of pick up.

Can I include another driver to drive a Unidas vehicle?

As a tenant, you may appoint up to four (4) additional drivers in the lease agreement. This can be done at the time of removal from the vehicle. This appointment implies current rate payment, per day, for each additional driver indicated.

How are daily rates counted?

Every 24 hours, a daily rental fee is charged. If the return of the vehicle exceeds the scheduled time, every extra hour, the ratio of 1/6 of the contracted daily will be charged. After the additional sixth hour, a new rental fee will be charged. As for United Protections, after the first hour of tolerance, the full amount of one day's rate of the contracted protection (s) will be charged. of removal from the vehicle. This appointment implies current rate payment, per day, for each additional driver indicated.

What is the difference between Free Km and Controlled Km?

Unidas offers free mileage for rentals from 1 to 20 days, meaning you can drive as much as you want. For 21 to 30 day leases, mileage is controlled, ie if you exceed the limit of 4,500 kilometers during that period, you will be charged $ 0.45 for each additional KM.

What is the maximum period that I can stay with a rental car?

The maximum period for rentals made through the Unidas website is 30 days. For longer periods, direct contact with our Central Reservation is required by 0800 121 121.

How do I change or cancel a reservation?

In case of an unforeseen event, you can change or cancel your reservation. If it was made by the site, just access the area "My Reservations". If your reservation was made by any other sales channel, we ask that you call our Central Reservations Office 24 hours, by phone 0800 121 121, or by Chat Online.

What is Protection?

Protection corresponds to the daily value contracted and paid by the lessee to justify the coverage of risks to the leased vehicle, its occupants and third parties. For your added security, Unidas offers different types of rental

If the lessee does not hire one of the Protections, he will assume full responsibility for any damages that may occur with the leased vehicle, also assuming civil liability against its occupants and third parties. We emphasize that the leased vehicle will only be covered by the Protection contracted if all the drivers are registered in the lease contract.

What accessories can I include in my location?

It is possible to add different accessories to the lease for a daily fee. They are: GPS, Baby Comfort (for children up to 1 year), Highchair (for children from 1 to 4 years) and Elevation Seat (for children from 4 to 7 years). With the exception of GPS, the availability of the accessories included in the reservation must be confirmed by the 24-hour Booking Center (0800 121 121) or by the Chat Online.


Can I rent in one city and return in another?

Yes, it is possible. If the return is to happen in a different city, the return fee will be charged, which may vary depending on the stretch. At the time of booking, in case of collection, it can be consulted in the Reserve Summary.

Can I travel abroad with a United vehicle?

It is not allowed to cross the Brazilian border using a rented vehicle, and the loss of the right to use the Contracted Protection may occur. For locations outside the country, we recommend using the services of Alamo, Unidas's international partner. Just call our Central Reservations, number 0800 121 121, or Chat Online and inform you that you want to make an international reservation. 

Can I rent a car with a driver?

Unidas offers the service of driver. If necessary, a bilingual driver may be hired. Get more information from the Central Reservations Office on 0800 121 121, or by Chat Online.


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