Unidas has a strong commitment with the privacy of the users of this site. The aim of this text is to inform you about our practices collecting information when you visit this site and how we treat and use your personal data. 

Please read fully our Politics of Privacy before using or sending to us any information.

Why do we collect your personal information?

A system of registering files of our clients was developed in order to know better our public by asking some personal information to identify you in our registers and to give the possibility to offer you some personal services.

This free registering isn't mandatory and doesn't imply in any acquisition of services, products or link you to any compromise before Unidas or this site. 

Information collected are related to you name, profile and means of contact besides giving you a login and key-word to identify you in future acesses.  This register will still work as a means of communication in order to send you some news about us.

You may withdraw your entire file or modify any of your personal information anytime you want it as explained below in this text. 

We are committed on keeping this data confidencial. 

To save your personal data privately is of vital importance for us and so all the information you send to this site will be taken as confidential and restricted to our relationship and the services mentioned in this site. By no means it will be used beyond referred in our Politics of Privacy. 

The personal  information is restricted to the use in this site and is collected through safe data base software.  Only authorized Unidas administration personal  and this site maintenance have acess to your personal data and are limited to the very needs. For instance if you contact us to talk about  a problem our employee is allowed to acess only the items to solve it and nothing else. 

All the people envolved with the administration of this site must accept this Politics of Privacy.  One that breaks this rule is subject to disciplinar actions that may even reach to dismissing or cancelling services contract. 

No personal information you may send to us will be repassed, supplied, sold or given to others except in promotinal actions that envolve our partners or by legal, judicial or auditorship determination. 

We reserve us the right however to reveal not personalized general statistical data to show audience and browsing habits of all users of this site in order to describe our services to partners, press and outsiders as well others commercial goals we think appropriate. We remark that by no means will be released any data permiting identification of our registered users and their habits of browsing and acess. 

We show below some topics collected during your visit to this site.

Besides the process of registering you, this site gets some non-personal information by indirect means which allows us to measure audience rates and its performance in order to improve the quality of the given information and the services we offer. 

So some generical information about users' computers, as their IP ( the code that identify one on the net)  the codes of providers that supplied accesses, time and date of visiting the site, operational systems and used browsers are collected via Internet.  This information, known as Nautical Data and obtained through log files, server logs and clickstream data, is used to manage the system in order to improve the contents of the site, make some polls and send information to our visitors. That data allow us, by instance, verify pages and sections more used by our users, identify damaged files, pages and so on. 

Besides this data, some information collected in our servers are volunteered supplied by the users on forms or taken automatically.  Some areas on the site may require that you give addicional information to use specific resources as bulletins subscriptions, taking part in promotions, etc. You will be warned at each collecting point if the information is mandatory or optional.