Requests And Conditions

Requirements to rent a car


To rent a vehicle at Unidas you must: Show an ID/Passaport and CPF if Brazilian. No need to present CPF if you show RG or CNH which has its number. Present a personal credit card for pre-authorization and to have your information checked by Unidas. You must show a Driver Licence (CNH, if Brazilian) to ride the rented vehicle. If the client don't fill our requests they may nominate a driver but, in this case, the client agrees in not driving the rented car and to assume all responsabilities for the acts of the appointed driver. In case that the driver, additional driver or nominated driver has a driver licence with less than two years the only protection available to contract is the Junior one. The rules for renting a car to a foreigner must be checked at the shop where the vehicle is pick-up.
The minimum period possible to rent a car is 24 hours and o maximum one is 30 days. If a client wants to keep the vehicle longer and it's not reserved for another client, the rental contract will be renewed automatically and new fares may be charged according the new period. Free mileage for rentings between 1 and 20 days. There's a limit of 4.500 km for periods between 21 and 30 days and it will be charged R$ 0,45 per each kilometer exceding that limit. A client may nominate up to 4 additional drivers by paying the usual fares. Returning in a different shop only will be possible with the original one authorization and by paying the usual return fare. In case a choosen vehicle isn't available at the moment of picking it up, Unidas will avail one of a superior group but the daily fares and daily protection charged will be the same of the original choosen vehicle but not available by Unidas fault.
Requirements and Conditions