This channel is to listen you at last appeal if you have already talked to our CSC and are not satisfied with the given solution.


To carry Unidas targets

  • To make solutions for car rentings and managements with quality and adequate costs in a way that excedes expectatives of our clients, partners, shareholders and suppliers.
  • To be an open dialog channel with our clients.
  • To represent and defend our clients' interests keeping a critical position and to quest products and services offered by Unidas, its partners and suppliers.
  • To guarantee a fair solution for problems not resolved by usual ways as well to estimulate and to follow its corrections internally hearing all the parts involved in them.


To receive information,  to listen claimings, to check,  to identify, to quest and to critic themes of our clients' interest as to find out causes and to propose alternatives to get a solution for identified problems.
You can address directly our Ombusman through the form below or, if you prefer, by phone 0800 773 4040.


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